Senex Advances Queensland CBM Drilling

June 14, 2017

Australian Senex Energy has begun the second phase of the drilling campaign in Queensland?s Surat basin on its flagship Western Surat Gas project, it said June 14. It is the sole shareholder. The company had said earlier this month that the campaign would start shortly.

It involves the drilling of 30 wells on the Glenora and Eos blocks, in the southeast of the Western Surat Gas project, and directly north of Santos GLNG?s producing Roma field. Drilling will be undertaken over the remainder of the calendar year with the first wells expected online in 1Q of fiscal 2018.

Senex’ Western Surat Gas project involves delivery of coalbed methane from about 915 km² of the Surat Basin. The project is expected to support up to 425 wells and Senex has executed a gas sales agreement with GLNG for the supply of up to 50 TJ/d from the project area over 20 years. 

Shardul Sharma


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