April 2017

Share this: Meeting in Brussels on April 29, twenty-seven European Union heads of state and government unanimously ? and rapidly ? agreed on the guidelines for the Brexit negotiations. Procedurally, as provided in EU rules, precisely because it is the departing state, the UK was not at the meeting. In a tweet, European Council President […]

Mike Nelson/Getty Images On the riots’ 25th anniversary, two new documentaries underscore the role that the medium has played in our cultural memory. April 28, 2017 Twenty-five years is a full cultural cycle. A baby born in 1992 is now a fully grown adult. The early ?90s fashion revival has already come and gone. Although […]

US major Chevron reported 1Q earnings of $2. 7bn, compared with a loss of $725mn in 1Q2016, and said it was looking forward to a reliable period of operations at the Gorgon LNG complex that it operates in Australia. Thank you for appreciating great fact based news coverage and analysis on natural gas developments. To […]

In its final months, Hillary Clinton?s campaign depicted the election in Manichaean terms: the forces of light against darkness, love against hate, the guardians of a virtuous public against a world-historical bully. In this story, we lost the election not because we did something wrong, but because we did something right in a world that?s […]

Share this: European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and European Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn have condemned the April 27 ongoing attacks on MPs in Skopje that followed the election of an ethnic Albanian as Speaker of the Republic of Macedonia?s parliament. ?The acts of violence in the Parliament are wholly unacceptable and we call for calm […]

Share this: At a ceremony on April 27, Bulgarian President Roumen Radev handed GERB party leader Boiko Borissov ? whose party won the most seats in the March parliamentary elections ? a mandate to form a government. The ceremony took place soon after Borissov?s party signed an agreement with the nationalist United Patriots to form […]

Share this: Bulgarian GERB party leader Boiko Borissov, expected to be returned to office as prime minister on May 4, said that in his party?s coalition government agreement with the nationalist United Patriots every effort had been made to clarify all details to ensure a stable government. Speaking soon after the April 27 signing of […]

Where is the line between ?fair use? in the legal sense and ethical transgression? As Vocativ reported on Monday, several adult performers have accused the producers of the Netflix documentary series Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On?which is meant to be a sympathetic window into the porn industry?of featuring them without their consent. In one case, […]

The theme running through the topics and discussion in this episode is that nothing in the world is perfect and there are lots of gray areas, and flaws, and ?just not good enough? that we spend significant time and effort trying to figure out and fix. Here are the topics we discuss in this edition of […]

Share this: Bulgaria is in no way looking for trouble with Turkey, President Roumen Radev told reporters in Sofia on April 25. ?I have repeatedly said that the Bulgarian state leaders are doing their best to develop good neighbourly relations with Turkey,? said. Radev said that good neighbourly relations are based on equality, non-interference in […]

The ?girl found living with monkeys? in India story got huge press attention last week. The child was around 11 years old, emaciated, unclothed and was said to be in the company of monkeys who tried to chase away rescuers. Regular DN reader, Joy, sent me the story and was skeptical of it right off […]

Here?s the thing. The Internet is a gigantic flood of information with outlets and individuals vying for your attention to click on their sites over others. Those ?interesting? stories, true or not, get shared, propagating some real wing-ding falsehoods. Wednesday (yesterday), when social media outrage over the United Airlines ?re-accommodation? situation was going full bore, […]

Community and small local colleges typically provide non-credit continuing education courses for the locals at low cost. As I?ve written about previously, it?s often art or history classes, computer training, those sorts of things. But also frequently offered are ?classes? on paranormal nonsense like ?How to develop your psychic powers,? ?Ghost Hunting 101,? and ?Tarot Reading?. […]