March 2017

During last year?s Republican primaries, Marco Rubio famously described Donald Trump as a ?con artist.? But this week, with the disastrous rollout of the American Health Care Act, we?ve seen the con artist get played by an even slicker, more professional grifter. And Trump is not alone in being conned: House Speaker Paul Ryan has […]

Dave Chappelle is no stranger to controversy. Twelve years ago, at the height of his career, Chappelle walked away from his hit television show and a $50 million deal with Comedy Central. So many Chappelle?s Show segments?and not just the ones he did about Rick James, Charlie Murphy, and Prince?have already become the stuff of […]

Share this: Bulgaria?s voters go to the polls on March 26 2017 in ahead-of-term elections for the 44th National Assembly, the country?s unicameral Parliament. This is The Sofia Globe?s factfile. The elections are being held following Parliament?s acceptance on November 16 2016 of the resignation of the second Boiko Borissov government, which had been in […]

The latest viral ?ghost? photo is, again, making the rounds and roping in many who think you can prove an extraordinary claim with just a photo. You can?t. For expert paranormal photo debunking, we go to Kenny Biddle who reveals the more plausible explanations for this photo and why it looks very fishy. [Comments in brackets […]

Donald Trump had occupied the White House for less than a month before he decided to launch an all-out attack on the easiest target possible: the media. The day after he held the most unhinged press conference since Richard Nixon went on national TV to declare he wasn?t a crook, Trump took to Twitter to […]

Share this: In the summer of 1992, several lawyers and Human Rights advocates came together in Sofia. At that point, there were many problems the country had inherited from communism, which had fallen just over two years earlier. ?Just a couple of years before, we had had this name changing campaign against the Turkish minority, […]

Share this: It is a fact that Turkey is interfering in Bulgaria?s March parliamentary elections and this is absolutely unacceptable, head of state President Roumen Radev said in an interview with public broadcaster Bulgarian National Television. Radev was speaking on March 17, nine days before Bulgarians go to the polls to elect a new National […]

Share this: Serbia wants to enforce its borders. Just like neighbouring Bulgaria, Belgrade believes the E.U. Turkey Deal might burst, with consequences for the country?s borders, which would consist of a lot of movement across the latter. The Serbian government even wants to use the military to curb that movement. A few days ago, Bulgaria?s caretaker Prime […]

The Night Shift

March 18, 2017

For $149, a company called Hello will sell you Sense, a two-and-a-half-inch, machine-tooled orb that watches you while you sleep. Tracking room temperature and other data through the night, the device awards you a ?sleep score? between 0 and 100, based on how well you rested. You can then boost your rating by following certain […]

In his 1952 book All Gall is Divided the dour Romanian philosopher Emil Cioran wrote, ?Not content with real sufferings, the anxious man imposes imaginary ones on himself; he is a being for whom unreality exists, must exist; otherwise where would he obtain the ration of torment his nature demands?? Donald Trump has been president […]

State-owned Southern Gas Corridor Co (SGC) remains committed to transparency and, through its wholly owned subsidiary, has been submitting Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) reports to State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan since its establishment, it told NGW in a statement March 17. EITI defines itself as a global standard to promote the open and accountable management of oil gas and […]

Ratings agency Moody?s has downgraded German utility E.ON’s long term senior unsecured ratings by one notch, to Baa2, it said March 15. The outlook however is changed to stable from negative. Following the demerger of Uniper, it said E.ON “derives a material proportion of earnings from fairly low risk regulated and contracted businesses in distribution and […]

Share this: In Sofia, things are falling apart. The number of potholes, which was huge before, may have doubled in winter. Almost the entire road network exhibits rather bad damage. Instead of fighting the problem by investing, by improving the quality of the repairs and by generally improving things in a sustainable manner, maybe by […]

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