September 2016

Bulgaria?s battle for the post of United Nations Secretary-General is extremely difficult and currently unpredictable, President Rossen Plevneliev said in New York at a meeting with the Bulgarian community. Plevneliev is in New York for the opening session of the UN General Assembly, which he is due to address on September 22, four days before […]

The European Commission is working on preparations to host a Bulgaria-Russia-EU meeting to discuss the proposed gas hub near the Bulgarian port of Varna, Bulgarian news website reported on September 19, quoting Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev. Donchev said that the meeting, which could be held before the end of November, could provide legal […]

Bulgaria?s deputy interior minister Philip Gounev has described the grant by the European Commission of 160 million euro emerging funding to support border and migration management as a ?lightning decision?. Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borissov spoke this past week of asking for 160 million euro assistance, and the Interior Ministry lodged a formal application as […]

It anyone would poll pedestrians about the quality of a restaurant, they could ask ?Do you like this place, where they charge far too much for drinks??, or they might ask ?How do you like this restaurant??. When you have an agenda, especially one which might incite more hatred against refugees, you might ask the […]

The Sun (UK) tabloid is well known for paying for exclusive photographs to publish with sensational stories about celebrities, ghosts and monsters. The latest is a new photo of Loch Ness which, if really taken in the Loch, shows three playful seals near shore. Normally, we don?t link to tabloids like the Sun but this pic […]

September 15th, 2016 10:15am Posted In: Natural Gas News, Gas for Transport, Ministries, Natural Gas News Asia, India India has a mature natural gas vehicle industry but it needs shaping to fit better with the modern world. With the wave of LNG heading towards India and environmental concerns unabated, everyone could win. The transportation sector […]

I left my heart in Ohio?

September 18, 2016

What a bizarre story! A heart, suspected to be human, unexpectedly appeared in an Ohio field, next to a parking lot. A plastic bag, containing the organ, was discovered by paramedics who initially threw it away, but, soon after, retrieved it for testing. Here is a quote from the Norwalk Reflector: About Aug. 25, a […]

A creature promoted as being a ?demon fairy? or ?winged nightmare? by those who thought it matched a description in Revelations, has been revealed as a hoax. Synchronicity. Or something. Coincidences can seem very strange some times. Earlier today, I received an inquiry from Dr. Michael Heiser asking if I knew of anyone who had […]

Divide and Conquer

September 17, 2016

Donald Trump is an entertainer. He is also a racist. These two facts are usually viewed as reflecting distinct and isolated facets of Trump?s personality. But we need to see them as intertwined. It?s the only way to make sense of the traveling racial-incitement show that is Trump?s campaign?and of how it?s taken him so […]

By now it?s national news that creepy clowns are being reported in South Carolina. The latest clown flap started in late August when Greenville County, S.C. police said they received numerous reports of a clown trying to lure kids into the woods near Fleetwood Manor apartments. There was reason to be very skeptical of these […]

TIGHAR: The Ever-Optimistic

September 17, 2016

My Washington Post newsfeed contained a familiar name with the same old story, rehashed once again in 2016 just like it was in 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012, and probably before that but I wasn?t keeping track on this blog. The wonderful thing about TIGHAR is TIGHAR thinks it?s a wonderful thing. It?s actually amazing […]

Being asked to provide a salary history is often the scariest part of the hiring process. Do you put down your actual salary? Do you lie in the hopes of getting more money? But policy-makers have started to see this not just as an inconvenience, but something that perpetuates inequality in the workplace. Legislators in […]

September 07th, 2016 10:15am Posted In: Natural Gas News, Israel, East Med, Ministries, Licensing rounds, Natural Gas News Europe During a roadshow in London and Singapore attended by energy companies’ executives, analysts and economic media, Yuval Steinitz, the Israeli energy minister, pointed out that a new survey shows good discovery potential at Yonah, a structure […]

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