May 2016

The final week of the Republican primary was essentially a formality, but in hindsight an exceptionally important formality. As long as Donald Trump still had to go through the motions to fend off candidates whose campaigns had been reduced to simulacra, and as long as his opponents were clinging to the hope of defeating him […]

Sixty military personnel from a Blagoevgrad-based unit were continuing to assist Border Police teams at the Kulata checkpoint at Bulgaria?s border with Greece, the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence said on May 30. The military personnel were deployed after a plan for joint action by the Ministry of Interior and Defence Ministry was activated on May […]

Just two days after being released from a Russian prison, pilot Nadiya Savchenko is capitalizing on her symbolic importance to Ukrainians, saying Friday that she would run for president ?if Ukrainians want me to.? Savchenko, Ukraine?s first female pilot, was elected to the country?s parliament and appointed to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of […]

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borissov called together senior officials for a special meeting in the south-west Bulgarian town of Blagoevgrad on May 29 to discuss the situation at the Greek border, against a background of close to 90 people having been caught trying to enter Bulgaria illegally in the past day. Fifty-six of the 87 […]

The mayor of the Bulgarian village of Galiche, Tsenko Chokov ? arrested in a large-scale police raid along with his son and 10 others ? is to face charges of leading an organised crime group and involvement in loan sharking, real estate fraud, assault, extortion and abduction. Of the 12 arrested on May 26, eight […]

If Bulgaria does not already baffle you, prepare to be bamboozled by the buffoons responsible for what they imagine passes for ?English? at the expensively revamped Sofia Central Railway Station. Yes, the very place that exhorts English-speakers and other foreigners to ?timely release wagons?. And that is not some John Wayne get-dem-horses-outta-here moment, it has […]

The number of coastal bathing waters in Bulgaria that meet the European Union?s higher ?guide values? showed a small decrease in 2015, according to the latest European Environment Agency (EEA) annual report on the quality of bathing waters in the EU. Last year, 67 of the 94 locations sampled by the EEA met the ?guide […]

What is happening, or what should be happening, on college campuses has rarely, if ever, been a topic of the remarks of Donald J. Trump, the presumptive presidential nominee for the Republican Party. The ?Issues? section of his website has only this related to education: ?I will end common core. It?s a disaster.? And this […]

Heavy rain caused the Stara Reka river in Kazanluk in central Bulgaria to burst its banks on May 25, inundating roads in the area and leaving dozens of houses cut off, streets and farmyards flooded. Hardest-hit was the village of Enina, where several streets were flooded and the road linking the village to Krun was […]

After almost two years of captivity in Russia, Ukrainian military pilot Nadiya Savchenko, 35, is finally back at home. After a Ukrainian government plane landed at Boryspil airport in the afternoon of May 25, Savchenko came out to talk to dozens of journalists, who immediately surrounded her. ?Pull back! All of you, please, don?t touch […]

Duke Ellington?s death, just a little over a month ago, deprives American music of one of its great personalities and a great jazzman?some might say the greatest of them all. While none would seriously question his eminence, his position in music was always something of a paradox. For jazz has always been the field for […]

The announcement on May 20 by Bulgarian President Rossen Plevneliev that he will not be a candidate for re-election in autumn came as no particular surprise to observers, but predictably parties on the left and right sought to put their spin on it. Plevneliev, in office since January 2012, made the announcement about five months […]

February 21st, 2016 8:00pm Posted In: News, News By Country, Kazakhstan, Gas for Transport, Caspian Focus, Import/Export Kazakhstan is to export less gas this year as production is forecast to dip, according to a report released by the oil ministry. Last year, the central Asian republic produced 45.3bn m3 of natural gas, about 5% more than […]

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