April 2016

Sailor?s Delight

April 15, 2016

The storms were so bad that first winter at Minot?s Ledge Light, a lighthouse drilled into a reef a mile off the Massachusetts coast, that in 1850 the keeper?s cat eventually threw itself from the watch room, 70 feet up. The keeper, Isaac Dunham, arrived at the railing in time to see the cat still […]

From the day he entered the Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders has spoken of the political ?revolution? he wants in America. He?s defined this revolution in myriad ways. It means taking the country back from ?the billionaire class.? It means ?bringing millions and millions of people into the political process, in a way that does not […]

Bulgarian ?migrant hunter? Petar ?The Feathers? Nizamov threatened a group of men from Afghanistan with a knife and a pistol and tried to rob them as he took part in illegally detaining them, the men have alleged to investigators. Nizamov, currently in 72-hour detention, faces a charge under Bulgaria?s Penal Code of illegal depriving three […]

Another week, another set of opportunities for Tim Grierson and Will Leitch to riff on some serious box office busts. First, the guys review Melissa McCarthy?s new comedy The Boss, directed by her husband and fellow sketch-comedy veteran Ben Falcone. They also take a look at Hardcore Henry, shot in the style of a first-person shooter video […]

Petar ?The Feathers? Nizamov, allegedly part of a vigilante group that illegally detained migrants near the Bulgarian border, has been arrested, Prosecutor-General Sotir Tsatsarov said on April 12. Nizamov is being held in 24-hour detention and his home and car have been searched, Tsatsarov told reporters, a day after prosecutors in the town of Malko […]

Tolstoy?s deathless line from Anna Karenina??Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way??doesn?t take into consideration that, within those unhappy families, even the individual members might not agree about what makes their broods so dysfunctional. Siblings can see their parents from very different perspectives depending on gender or birth […]

On April 5, not one migrant or refugee arrived by sea in Greece, the first day that this has been recorded since last year, the Greek Coast Guard said. The fact, coming a day after the planned start of deportations of migrants from Greece to Turkey in terms of the deal agreed between Brussels and […]

Stereotypes about women writers are as old as books written by women. Many female authors?Jane Austen and the Brontë sisters among them?rose to prominence in the mid-nineteenth century, a period the literary scholar Elaine Showalter calls ?The Age of the Female Novelist.? But this age also witnessed the development of narrow ideas about women writers […]

It should come as no surprise that the CIA?s finances are a secret. One of the rare glimpses into the agency?s funding came when Edward Snowden leaked a copy of the intelligence ?black budget? to The Washington Post in 2013. But if history is any indication, the CIA may well have resources that don?t appear […]

Every April, just before the television cameras arrive, the grounds crew at Augusta National in Georgia puts the final touches on the perfectly manicured yellow pansies near the entrance of the famous golf club. To sports fans, the shape of the flower bed is immediately identifiable as the logo of both Augusta and its signature […]

Joachim TrierSteffen Oftedal/The Orchard There is a scene in Louder Than Bombs, the third feature film from Norwegian director Joachim Trier, where the central character, a war photographer named Isabelle Reed, describes what it?s like to return home to the New York suburbs after yet another tour in a conflict zone. The seasons have changed. […]

If I weren?t already in possession of the knowledge that Ben Falcone has been Melissa McCarthy?s husband for more than a decade and is the father of her two children, I would wonder whether he is actively attempting to sabotage her career. McCarthy, since her breakthrough in Bridesmaids, has become one of our most reliably […]

Predictions are hard, especially about the future. But politics is as much a science as an art. There are historical trends that tell us a lot about what will happen in November and beyond. As John Lubbock noted, ?Great battles are won years before they are fought.? We appear to be in the midst of […]

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