December 2015

December 31st, 2015 5:55am Posted In: Israel, Featured Articles, Cyprus, Egypt, East Med, East Med Focus In terms of energy and hydrocarbons in Cyprus and the East Med have been on a roller-coaster. It started with quite a few setbacks but it ended up better, but not really forward except perhaps for Egypt. In this […]

A monthly poll of the business climate in Bulgaria saw a slight decrease, by 0.7 percentage points, in December 2015 in comparison with November, a result of the more unfavourable business climate in construction, retail trade and service sector, the National Statistical Institute (NSI) said on December 30. This was the second month in a […]

The UN refugee agency reports more than one million refugees and migrants have reached Europe by sea this year, with 80 per cent of this record number landing on small, overcrowded Greek islands. The UN refugee agency says refugees fleeing war and persecution are paying a heavy price in their desperation to find a safe […]

December 29th, 2015 8:35pm Posted In: Russia, Germany, Featured Articles, Expert Views *first published 3 September 2015* German Minister of Finance, Wolfgang Schauble, proposed amendments to the European Comission?s prerogatives. Albeit between the lines it can be understood that it is all about preventing an investigation against Gazprom. German Ministry of Finance informed on 30 […]

California is by far the dominant US produce-growing state?source of (large PDF) 81 percent of US-grown carrots, 95 percent of broccoli, 86 percent of cauliflower, 74 percent of raspberries, 91 percent of strawberries, etc. But all three of its main veggie growing regions?the Imperial Valley, the Central Valley, and the Salinas Valley?face serious short- and long-term water challenges. As […]

December 29th, 2015 6:20am Posted In: Israel, Featured Articles, East Med, Energy Security, East Med Focus The Israeli naval commandos known as Shayetet 13 were trained last summer in the act of taking over a gas rig. During the training exercise, a terrorist incident occurring on the gas rig and commandos raiding the rig from […]

migrBulgaria?s prosecutor?s office said on December 29 that police has detained a Macedonian national as he was driving a lorry with 119 migrants. The driver, who had a Bulgarian residence permit, would be investigated and could face charges of people-trafficking. The prosecution statement said that the migrants came mainly from Syria and Iraq, but had […]

December 28th, 2015 9:55pm Posted In: Featured Articles *first published 6 August 2015* The recent agreement among world powers and Iran regarding the latter’s nuclear program has numerous ramifications. One of them is the domino effect it has on strategic natural gas issues between Russia and Turkey. The likely introduction of Iranian gas into the […]

How can we parse our curious fascination with fairy tales, which persists while the times change and we change with them? The years between 2010 and 2015 have witnessed a spate of significant new books, including?over two centuries after the fact?the very first translation into English of the Grimm brothers? original edition of fairy and […]

Christmas has become a cultural event, associated with the giving of gifts and lavish meals with friends and family. But the traditional understanding of Christmas is that it?s a Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus. The idea of giving gifts may be traced to the Bible, in which the infant Jesus was presented with […]

December 26th, 2015 5:20pm Posted In: Recent News, News By Country, Iran, Greater Caspian News Iran will become self-sufficient in gas production within the next 4 months once phases 15 and 16 of the South Pars gas field become operational. Ebadollah Abdollahi, the commander of Iran?s Khatamol Anbiya Construction Headquarters (belongs to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps), […]

December 26th, 2015 12:00am Posted In: Energy Security & Supply, South Stream Pipeline, Russia, Featured Articles, Expert Views *first published 13 January 2015* South Stream is not dead ? rather it has morphed into a new project which is part of a complex commercial power play on the part of Russia and Turkey, writes Anca Elena […]

In the new issue of The Atlantic, Peter Beinart argues that America is inexorably moving left. Republicans might retain their grip on statehouses and in Congress, and perhaps even win the White House, but when it comes to domestic policy, he writes, ?the terms of the national debate will continue tilting to the left. The […]

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