November 2015

Europe must use the historic opportunity to promote economic progress and political stability in the Balkans, Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev told a business forum in Hamburg. Plevneliev was addressing representatives of the AGA business association, of which more than 3500 German companies are members. He said that the development of South Eastern Europe was a […]

Concerns over media freedom in Turkey are growing with the opening of a trial against a journalist who is facing 23 years in jail for writing about members of the judiciary who allegedly received preferential treatment in a real estate deal.  Meanwhile, the European Union is under criticism for allegedly ignoring the crackdown. Lawyers representing […]

Week 46 Overview

November 13, 2015

November 13th, 2015 3:00pm Posted In: Featured Articles, Weekly Overviews While companies and governments are bracing for the United Nations conference on climate change to take place in less than a month, Iran is slowly disclosing its strategy for the period following the ?implementation day? – when Tehran will adopt all the measures included in […]

Bulgaria will pay Christmas bonuses of 40 leva (about 20 euro) to pensioners who get pensions of up to 300 leva, the Cabinet decided on November 11. This will mean bonuses for about 1 275 000 people. The payment will cost about 51 million leva. Paying ?bonuses? to pensioners at Christmas and Easter is a […]

November 12th, 2015 3:21pm Posted In: Press Notes Centre for European Policy Analysis has published an article titled “Azerbaijan: Linchpin of the Caucasus” Written by Janusz Bugajski the article says: “On both counts, Azerbaijan is the most significant player in the Caucasus and has demonstrated its Western direction by assisting Washington in the war in […]

Flights by German airline Lufthansa to and from Bulgaria?s Sofia Airport on November 11 were cancelled because of continuing industrial action by Independent Flight Attendant?s Organization (UFO). Flights to and from Munich and Frankfurt were cancelled because of the Lufthansa cabin crew strike, called because of a dispute over retirement pay and cost-cutting. In a […]

WOW! History Channel pulled a ?Mermaids? gimmick. Why would they sabotage their credibility? Oh wait, ever since it became the ?Hitler? Channel a while ago, it?s been heading downhill. According to this review of their latest special program, Bigfoot Captured, a ?shameful fake documentary? about Bigfoot, it?s hit rock bottom. All you can really say is that it […]

Bulgaria?s National Assembly voted on November 11 to agree to the arrest of Ataka?s Volen Siderov and Dessislav Chukolov in connection with criminal charges arising from their October 25 intrusion on students at the National Academy of Film and Theatre Arts in Sofia. The vote to consent to the Prosecutor-General?s request to arrest Siderov and […]

Student activism is not new. Sometimes it is misguided, sometimes it?s dismissed, but it is always earnest. In 1960, young black students who had put up with enough and wanted their concerns about racial equality and civil rights to be heard formed the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, or SNCC. They eventually became the more radical […]

Imagine a police sketch artist drawing a picture of Hillary Clinton based only on descriptions from the Republicans at the Fox Business Network debates on Tuesday night. The sketch would be unappealing, obviously, but also weird and contradictory. According to the collective wisdom of the GOP crowd, Clinton is a power-mad monster who is nearly unstoppable, […]

This may be the most horrific account of a murder, let alone a botched exorcism, that I have ever heard of. While the four defendants were found guilty, they are free on bail. Someone may need to explain to me how human beings who could do such a gruesome thing could be allowed to walk among society […]

EU member Slovenia plans to build ?obstacles? on its border with Croatia in advance of an expected new spike in migrants bound for northern Europe this week. But Prime Minister Miro Cerar, whose country last month found itself on the main Balkans route for thousands of migrants after Hungary sealed its southern borders, insisted that […]

Citizens United

November 11, 2015

For the 1,900 years between Tacitus?s Annals and Robert Graves?s I, Claudius, accounts of Roman history have most often focused on its emperors and conquerors, and above all on Julius Caesar, founder of a line of autocrats who took his name and the title princeps civitatis, ?first citizen? of Rome. These Caesars, to paraphrase Shakespeare, […]

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