September 2015

A group of ambassadors from EU countries said in a letter that Bulgarian Parliament?s decision to reject a draft anti-corruption bill last week sent the wrong signal about Bulgaria?s commitment to fight graft. The letter was signed by ambassadors from 14 EU member states ? Netherlands, France, Germany, UK, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Poland, Denmark, Finland, […]

Lust for Learning

September 8, 2015

My freshman American literature course presented me with many revelations, but one of the most indelible happened not inside the auditorium classroom where, twice a week, our professor stood onstage in front of more than a hundred 18-year-olds. Instead, it came as I stepped into the women?s restroom afterward, just in time to overhear two […]

An exhibition of work by 13 Belgian and 15 Bulgarian cartoonists has opened at the Saints Kiril and Metodii National Library in Sofia. Entitled ?Expressing their minds : media independence as seen by Belgian and Bulgarian cartoonists?, the exhibition is on until October 10 2015. Comments comments View articles read the text

News driblet: A United Launch Alliance Atlas V blasted into space Wednesday morning carrying a Navy communications satellite and creating a spectacular light show that had some people wrongly worried that the rocket had blown up. Source: Atlas V liftoff creates cloud of confusion across Florida ? Orlando Sentinel The launch was very bright across Florida, […]

September 07th, 2015 12:05am Posted In: News By Country, Ukraine, Featured Articles, Expert Views In April 2015, the Ukrainian parliament passed a long-awaited law on the gas sector which paves the way for the extremely difficult process of reforming and de-monopolising the Ukrainian gas sector. The law will come into force on 1 October 2015 […]

Theodore Ross?s ?Cracking the Cartel: Don?t Pay NCAA Football and Basketball Players? is a seemingly deep dive into the economics and policy of college sports. After diagnosing many of the perceived ills of college sports, Ross presents his solution. Junk the whole thing: No more TV contracts and cable deals, endorsement revenue and ticket income, […]

Last week, after President Jimmy Carter announced that he will undergo treatment for brain cancer, admirers traveled for miles to attend his Sunday school class in Plains, Georgia. The former president and long-time Southern Baptist taught about forgiveness and peace in his class, and took photographs with everyone who had traveled to see him. He […]

September 04th, 2015 1:45pm Posted In: Energy Security & Supply, Recent News, News By Country, Nord Stream Pipeline, Russia, Germany Gazprom scored some goals also on Friday. In a few hours, it signed Shareholders? Agreement on the Nord Stream 2 project; agreed with Austria?s OMV over the importance of long-term cooperation; and more importantly, it signed […]

In May, Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby burst onto the national scene when she held a televised press conference to announce her team’s decision about whether or not to indict the six officers involved in the arrest and eventual death of Freddie Gray. She?d only been in office for five months; this was the […]

News snippet: Police in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada are warning residents not to fall prey to psychics and astrologers who make extraordinary claims. The old black magic has victims in its spell, and Edmonton police say swindlers who pose as astrologers or psychic readers are to blame. Victims of recent scams come from across Canada, including […]

Safe zones that would provide humanitarian aid to people fleeing their homes are a medium term solution to Europe?s migration crisis, argue Slovak officials as they prepare to coordinate policy with regional partners before an EU summit later this month. Prime Minister Robert Fico?s government remains committed to the line that the migration crisis must be […]

September 04th, 2015 1:38pm Posted In: Recent News, News By Country, More Countries, Norway The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy gave the green light to Wintershall, and its partners Petoro and Centrica for development and operation (PDO) of the Maria development, offshore Norway.  ?Germany?s largest internationally active crude oil and natural gas producer submitted the […]

As the European Union is struggling to deal with a chaotic flood of migrants, Turkey, which is home to more refugees than any other country in the world, is blaming EU leaders for the chaos. Turkey says European nations ignored repeated warnings. With much of the world shocked by the image of a drowned Syrian […]

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