June 2015

June 30th, 2015 12:36pm Posted In: Press Notes Germany ? and its chancellor Angela Merkel ? deserve credit for the continuation of the EU?s sanctions regime against Russia. But Germany happens also to be home to the energy giant E.ON, which recently signed a (non-binding) memorandum, together with Russia?s Gazprom, Austria?s OMV, and Shell from […]

DNEVNI AVAZ Bosnia and Herzegovina is effectively a member of the International Monetary Fund, IMF, since 1995 since it inherited it from the former Yugoslavia. Bosnia so far used four stand-by arrangements of which two were paid off. The latest arrangement was still to be agreed. OSLOBODJENJE State prosecutor Dzermin Pasic asked for extension of […]

On the back cover of Michael Wolff?s new book, Television Is the New Television: The Unexpected Triumph of Old Media in the Digital Age, his publisher does its best to amp up expectations. Instead of running touts for the book (or for Wolff?s other titles, which include his gossipy Rupert Murdoch biography The Man Who […]

The Federal Trade Commission has stopped a group of marketers in California from using allegedly bogus ?risk free trial? offers to sell skincare products online. At the Commission?s request, a federal district court has issued a temporary restraining order against the defendants halting their deceptive marketing practices, freezing their assets, and appointing a receiver over […]

We?ll consider this very doubtful until further information is forthcoming.Nigerian Professor Produces Antivirt, Anti Viral Drug That Cures HIV AIDS In 2 Months. We apologize for this stupidity in advance. Source: Michael Jackson Moonwalks his Way Through Lightning Storm Straight out of ?The Twilight Zone.? Source: Giant vortex draining Lake Texoma A mystery monster lurking […]

Jacque Grider, a 69 year old woman with dementia, went missing after a regular walk. The family has enlisted the help of a psychic to find her. Psychic working with family to find woman with dementia. ?It was June 1 when she went for a walk and never came back,? Buzz Grider, her stepson, said […]

June 26th, 2015 4:57pm Posted In: Shale Gas , Recent News, News By Country, United Kingdom, Shale & Unconventionals Companies focused on shale gas in UK reported two setbacks at the end of the week.  While iGas was reporting a 23% year-on-year decrease in revenues for the year ended 31 March 2015, Cuadrilla confirmed its […]

Anti-Semitic rhetoric continued to appear commonly on social networking sites and as comments under online media articles in Bulgaria in 2014, the US state department said on June 25 2015 in its annual report on human rights practices. Jewish organisations remained concerned about the Bulgarian government?s passivity in addressing hate crimes, particularly hate speech, and […]

Concerns persist about deterioration of the media environment in Bulgaria because of corporate and political pressure that, combined with the growing and nontransparent concentration of media ownership and distribution networks, gravely damaged media pluralism, the US state department said in its country report on human rights practices in 2014. The report, released by the US […]

Bulgaria and Greece have presented their cases to the European Commission in a tax dispute case threatening to strain cross-border transactions between the two neighbours, which the Commission is expected to rule on in August. Authorities in Sofia object to Greek plans to levy a 26 per cent tax on all transactions carried out by […]

Dr. James Jeffrey Bradstreet, who goes by Jeff Bradstreet, an autism researcher who ran a clinic that endorsed pseudoscientific cures on autism patients and others, has died by apparent suicide on June 19. For several days over the weekend there was no word on cause of death. But some anti-vax autism sites were mourning his loss. Age of Autism […]

June 25th, 2015 3:21pm Posted In: News By Country, More Countries, Israel, Featured Articles, Cyprus, East Med Focus A cabinet decision is expected to be taken on Thursday ending months of uncertainty around Noble-Delek?s dispute with the Antitrust Authority. In December 2014, Israel?s Antitrust commissioner David Gilo announced that the Texan-Israeli consortium controlling Israel?s largest […]

Wounded officers is transfered in the trauma center in Tirana | Photo : LSA Ibrahim Basha, 31, was killed on Wednesday and two other officers were wounded after coming under fire inside a lawless village in southern Albania. The two wounded officers were airlifted to the National Trauma Center in Tirana and doctors say their […]

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