September 2014

Paranormal expert ?open minded? as to whether ghosts exist | Derby Telegraph. Helen Trengove drank five litres of water as part of a health kick, nearly killing herself | Gold Coast Bulletin. Windsor man charged with hiding 51 turtles on body in bizarre smuggling case ? Windsor ? CBC News. Richard Wiseman and Simon Singh: […]

When I arrived in Hong Kong early Monday afternoon, everything seemed normal. A tour guide at the airport told me cheerfully that the subway stations in the center of the city were open for business. Office workers in Central, the neighborhood that has in recent days become a hotspot of pro-democracy protests, came and went […]

Victor Orbán during the debate on the on the political situation in Hungary in European Parliament shortly after the European Commission started infringement procedures against Hungary on three specific laws in January 2012 In an interview with Hungarian Euranet Plus Partner station MTVA, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán supported the independence aspirations of the […]

SE Asia trip report

September 29, 2014

Full trip report from Vision Beyond Borders? ?I just returned from a week in India and Nepal. God blessed our trip as we visited our contacts and saw how God is using them to touch and transform lives of women who have been sold into sex trafficking. The lady we work with in India has […]

September 29th, 2014 12:10am Posted In: Natural Gas, News By Country, Other Countries, Israel, Featured Articles, Cyprus, Lebanon, East Med Focus The Eastern Mediterranean became central in natural gas dialogues since the discovery of substantial amounts of natural gas under its seabed. The increased attention it received could be explained by the simple fact that […]

Three children aged five, seven and nine, died on Thursday night when a fire broke in the barracks in which they lived in New Belgrade municipality. Rade Milosevic, chief of the city department for emergency situations, said the fire erupted in the 20-square-metre barracks quickly as it was made of cardboard and wooden boards. ?Two […]

[embedded content] Now that the majority of the Scottish people have voted against independence, will the European Union go back to normal? Or are there consequences to be drawn? Jo Leinen, member of the European Parliament with the Socialists & Democrats, believes Europe has to prepare for the fact that regions will leave the old […]

?I went to the Donmar the other night and saw My Night with Reg, which is brilliant, but it?s eleven male characters and not one woman walks on stage?and that?s so the norm.? Mel Heslop is stating what is increasingly coming to be acknowledged as an unhealthy fact about theater today: the continuing and significant imbalance […]

Written By:Sarah Earp What is the ATTA Webinar Program? One of the benefits to being a member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association is the access to educational online seminars (aka ?webinars?), through which experts in and outside of the travel industry share their knowledge and offer insight into methods to improve your business. The […] FBI Admits Sandy Hook Hoax. In the shadows of Machu Picchu, scientists find ?extinct? cat-sized mammal. Blood loss forces Phuket Vegetarian Festival spirit medium to hospital. The Collapse of a Charlatan -Leo Igwe. What Doctors Don?t Tell You ? A call to action ? This Week in Pseudoscience. What was fake on the Internet […]

Bulgaria?s three-time champions Ludogorets Razgrad were handed a short trip across the Danube River, drawing Steaua Bucharest as their opponent in the Uefa Champions League play-off round. The first match, on August 19 or 20, will be played in Bucharest, with the return leg a week later to be played in Sofia ? Ludogorets plays […]

You’ve probably heard conservatives complain that Obamacare is too generous. Liberals don’t agree. In fact, they think it isn?t generous enough. If you want to know why, then check out a new story in Modern Healthcare. The article, by Virgil Dickson, quotes the leaders of several community health centers from around the country. The centers, […]

On Tuesday, President Obama made it clear that he understands the damage the United States has done to the climate?and the unfair consequences: ?The nations that contribute the least to climate change,? he said, speaking at the UN Climate Summit, ?often stand to lose the most.? Dealing with climate change is a two-step process requiring, in the […]

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