May 2014

This tough lady stayed remarkably calm in the situation. Even after the snake returned. She doesn?t want it killed either. There were two in the bed and the little snake fed. Ms McVee?s ordeal began on Tuesday morning when she awoke at 5:45am with what she assumed was her Chihuahua Tori nuzzling her, but quickly […]

“Great works are often born on the street-corner or in a restaurant?s revolving door,? said Albert Camus, and a recent study shows that he was on to something. The revolving door is not just the accidental setting for inspiration?it is the site of complex meanings all its own. The way you move through a revolving […]

Hard-line nationalist-turned-pro-European reformer Aleksandar Vucic has been elected Serbia?s new prime minister.One hundred ninety-eight members of parliament voted in favor of Vucic and his new Cabinet Sunday, while 23 voted no. Seven abstained. Vucic told lawmakers they will sleep and eat inside the parliament building until they pass his economic reform package. He said the […]

In his first interview as Serbian Foreign Minister, former prime minister Ivica Dacic said Serbia would not be joining any EU-led sanctions imposed on Russia over Ukraine. ?We respect the territorial integrity of every country member of the UN, including Ukraine, but Serbia will not join any sanctions on Russia, as that state is not […]