All-Female Islamic School Opens in Montenegro

April 28, 2014

The all-female madrassa, which was launched in the village of Miljes on Sunday, is a religious high school which is intended to give pupils a basic knowledge of Islamic culture and religion.

Its construction was funded by a Kuwaiti foundation, Rahma al-Alamiya, and will be able to take in around 200 girls.

The head of the Islamic community in Montenegro, Rifat Fejzic, said that it would help ?educate youth who will serve their families, the people, their religion and country?.

It is part of an Islamic religious school which opened in 2000, but until now only educated male pupils. 

The madrassa is the second Islamic school in Montenegro to cater to female pupils. The first began work in 2001, in  Rozaje, a town in northern Montenegro.

The school in Rozaje is officially part of a madrassa in the town of Novi Pazar in Serbia?s Sandzak region, and is not registered as an educational institution in Montenegro, but only in Serbia.

According to the 2011 population census, about 16 per cent of Montenegrins are Muslims.

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